Hey there!

My name is AJ, let’s just keep it at that. I want to remain anonymous for now. I also want to share something with you and I want you to stay with me till the end.


Have you heard of the story of a little boy who wanted to peep into the well to know how deep it was? He was always running towards the well and his mother, a very concerned woman, would grab him away from there but not without a smack on his head.

Well, that boy is history now. He had gone to the well without his mother knowing and had glimpsed rather too much. He took a fall, toppling into what he was so curious about and drowning in it.

What a story! Phew!

Well, that’s a part of what I want to share with you. The other part is quite heavy, it has been a burden in my heart for some time now, it is something I actually experienced.

You might be wondering why I shared that story. Well, me and that little boy have something in common. We were both curious to look in wells, but mine was the well of SOCIAL MEDIA, a very deep well if you’ll ask me.

I remember when I first got an Android phone, I was so elated that I had finally joined the bandwagon of android users. I remember then when I used to be teased for my little mobile phone, that was even bound by a rubber band. That’s a different story altogether, let’s not deviate.

So, I and my android phone were the best of friends. I made sure to open accounts on most social media handles, and I put a lot of effort into making sure that I had numerous friends and followers on them. My friends had lots of followers, why couldn’t I?

Meanwhile, there was a problem. Only people I knew were sending me friend requests and following me. People like my aunts and my mum, classmates, teachers, and the likes. I was so annoyed, how dare they send me friend requests?! I knew their plans, they wanted to monitor my activities both online and offline. So, I refused their requests. I wondered what my friends would say if my friends and followers on social media were 20th century individuals. I wanted followers and friends from the 21st century, foreigners like my friends had. Little did I know that in trying to glimpse, I was already bent at the waist.

…to be continued.

By vicky

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