Prison without walls

…even the captives of the mighty shall be set free (Isaiah 49:25).

Hello, friend.

My name is AJ, let’s leave it at that. I prefer to remain anonymous for now.

I want to tell you about a prison with no walls. I’ve been in it, my friends have been in it, and it’s kind of sad that you never know that you are now an inmate until it’s too late. Some don’t even find out at all.

This prison without walls is named ‘addiction’, and it has many cells, from pornography, masturbation, social media, sex, drugs, etc. For the period of my stay in this prison, I learnt 3 things:

1. You Have To Be Consistent To Get There : Consistency, they say attracts a spirit, whether in the negative or positive. It means, if I consistently watch pornographic movies, I will attract the spirit of pornography.

2. You Need To Be Arrested and Handcuffed To Get There: When you attract the spirit associated with a particular addiction through consistency, it is responsible for making an arrest, putting you in handcuffs, and leading you to prison.

3. There are Prison Guards : Yes, just like regular prisons, this prison without walls has guards which you cannot see. They are responsible for making sure that you don’t escape, and torturing you until you give in to those addiction urges.

So, you can attest to the fact that this prison is a fortified one. I have good news though, this fortified prison can be broken out from. You can be granted amnesty through the blood of Jesus, the grace given to a person who has accepted Jesus Christ as lord and savior.

Even though you are a lawful prisoner, you can still receive freedom. I did, so you can do too.

Addictions does no one good, break free!

This is ‘My Addictions Diary’, and this is where I and my friends would share our addiction struggles and victories.

See you in my next episode!

By vicky

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